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“Stephanie was a fantastic doula to work with! She made our VBAC birth experience stress free as she supported each decision and provided more natural and non-medical pain relief options (Hello, TENS unit!), positioning help (even after an epidural) and loads of fantastic information! I would highly recommend her to anyone, whether VBAC, FTM or other for that extra support often needed during labor!”
~ Melissa S.
“Stephanie was a fantastic doula! She was very knowledgeable, supportive, and kind. I was enthusiastic to have a non-medicated labor and delivery and she supported me and my husband through the whole process. As I labored, we tried several positions to help keep my comfort level up. She even rubbed my lower back for what seemed like hours as I labored on my hands and knees. She only did what I wanted or needed. This was our first child and we highly recommend adding Stephanie to your L&D team!!”
~ Tiff R.
“I knew I wanted a doula for my labor/delivery knowing my husband and I could use some additional support. Stephanie was very helpful in talking through my anxiety leading up to labor and working through the fears I had as a result of my first pregnancy. My baby came a couple weeks before her due date, but Stephanie was ready to meet us in the middle of the night and stayed the entire day/evening with us. It was great to have Stephanie with us so that my husband could focus on supporting me and have breaks so that he could continue focusing on what I needed along the way. We were glad to have her at each step before and during the pregnancy/labor as she provided many opportunities for education. Stephanie was able to offer the use of the TENS unit, which was a great tool in offering physical relief. I don’t think we would have had such an incredibly positive birth experience if we hadn’t had the additional help.”
~ Amber M.
“Stephanie was amazing. She was indispensable to me and my husband throughout the entire process from preparing for the birth and achieving our labor and delivery goals, to adjusting to life with a newborn. She was completely nonjudgmental and supportive at all times, adapting her services to provide what we needed when we needed it. This is incredibly important, as everyone has a unique situation. In our case, I am a medical professional, while my husband can't stand the sight of blood (or the thought of it) and was not sure he could handle being present during the birth at all. But with Stephanie's help and support, he was able to experience the birth of our daughter relatively unscathed and un-traumatized. Stephanie somehow managed to help him in this way while also coaching me through every step of labor and delivery! Her services complemented those of the medical team and my support team (my mother and my husband), creating a harmonious and positive overall experience. I would definitely request her services again for myself and recommend her to any friends and family in search of a doula.”
~ Aylin and Dave
“Stephanie Wagner is meant to be a doula. She's resourceful, practical, upfront, and honest. Her diverse background provides a good link between holistic approaches and standard medical care. Her methods incorporate both realms. Her techniques gently push clients to think outside of their comfort zones by opening their eyes to various scenarios and options. If it hadn't been for Stephanie's preparation, I would have given in to fear and panic in an undesirable situation during delivery. She helped me to fully embrace the potential for things to go differently than expected, as births often do. I am grateful for her support and presence during my entire pregnancy and birth.”
~ Jessica G.
“Stephanie played a vital role in our daughter's birth. Her fun, inviting personality was just what we were looking for in a doula. Stephanie truly cares about the couples she helps, and will bend over backwards for them. When the big day came, she provided constant physical and emotional support. She also allowed my husband to be hands on, both working in tandem marvelously during my contractions. Even the nurses acknowledged how great she was! I am forever grateful that I had Stephanie by my side!”
~ Ali B.
“I became pregnant with my first child at the age of 35. I was scared to death. My pregnancy was rough because I had horrible nausea the entire time. I absolutely dreaded the labor and delivery. I had a history of anxiety and the pregnancy made it worse. Of course, the looming birth terrified me. My husband and I took birthing classes. I decided early on that I would not use drugs/epidural. My birthing plan was to keep everything as natural as possible. I also chose to use a mid-wife at my OB/GYN. At the time, I was not even thinking about using a doula.
 Fast forward to my labor and delivery. My daughter decided to make her entrance into the world a week early. I got to the hospital via ambulance. All I could think about was calling my parents and my doula. When I called Stephanie and told her that I was at the hospital, she dropped everything to be by my side. Stephanie was able to do what no one else could. She kept my anxiety at bay. Stephanie kept me calm and focused so that I was able to concentrate. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She instinctively knew when to talk to me, rub my back or just silently stand beside me.
 Stephanie stayed by my side for over 8 hours. She was an incredible source of comfort, encouragement and knowledge to help ease my worries. I was able to successfully deliver my daughter via vaginal delivery, without any drugs. Stephanie is kind, warm, and funny. She has a wonderful ability to make people feel comfortable in all situations. I highly recommend her as a doula. I would definitely use her again.”
~ Ellen A.
“Our daughter, Ellen A., became pregnant with her first child at the age of 35. She was so scared! Her husband and her dad and I were all right there by her side during her labor and delivery, giving our love and support...but, her doula was amazing! Stephanie stood by Ellen's bed for 8 hours, and gave Ellen everything she needed, when she needed it... it all seemed like second nature to her. I can still see her giving Ellen back rubs that were exactly when and where she needed them. What a blessing Stephanie was and what a wonderful doula! We give her a 5 star rating!!!!!”
~ Effie and Ed P.
“Stephanie was very supportive throughout my pregnancy and birth. She came to meet me and answer questions/get to know each other, and she came my way again to meet my husband and son and for two prenatal visits to go over comfort techniques. She was very friendly and was receptive to all my ideas and requests. She promptly replied to my communications. I ended up needing to have an unexpected C-section since we discovered my baby was breech when I went into labor, so her role was more limited than we expected, but she was available and supportive and helped with pain management as I was having contractions while awaiting surgery. She also came to my house for a postpartum visit, which was a big help on my first day home alone with my two boys after my husband went back to work. I would recommend her to friends.”
~Lori R.
“Since I got pregnant I knew I wanted a doula. Someone who can support me and my husband in the delivery room, someone who will provide balanced information about medical procedures and what to expect, without creating fear and mistrust of medical professionals. When we met Stephanie for an initial consultation what struck me was how organized and prepared she was. I also liked the fact that she had worked at an OB/Gyn office, but at the same time was knowledgeable about non medical techniques to help through labor. I immediately could tell that I could rely on her. Even before we signed a contract she helped me find information about birth photography, and she was always available by phone to address my questions and concerns. She is a person of her word and if she promises something she will deliver. My labor went very well even though it happened very unexpectedly and a month early. It was completely natural and unmedicated. Stephanie stayed in touch on the phone while we were assessing the situation and arrived at the hospital exactly at the right time. She was a perfect team player, going along with the situation and helping as needed. She let me follow my body’s natural inclination. She stayed a long time after delivery, helping with breastfeeding, showing how to swaddle, and she only left when we got comfortable to stay alone with our baby. I can definitely recommend Stephanie. She is very centered in her approach to birth, she is solid and reliable, friendly and adaptable to a specific situation. She always goes above and beyond.”
~ Sasha E.

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